Womens Team Series


There shall be a maximum of 11 events in the Team Series.  Each Team’s 10 highest scoring events will combine to make the Teams final total, allowing the lowest scoring event to be discounted.
Entry to Team Series races will be by an approved method.

Entry preference will be given to teams that have entered and ridden the last 3 Team Series races of the season.

Team’s can field a maximum number of 6 riders in each event.  The first 4 riders in each team will count for Team Series points.
4th category licence holders will not be accepted into Team Series races.

Where teams wish to enter more than 6 riders in a race then they can enter 2 teams of 4 riders (Team A and Team B) who will need to compete in different designed jerseys; in the event that this is used only occasionally during the season the Team A points will be counted for the overall Team Points Total.

A guest rider/s will be allowed for teams that are unable to field the full complement of riders but all teams will only be allowed 2 guest riders in any 2 races throughout the year.

Individual riders can become part of the Impsport Composite Team on the day of a race.  Impsport Team jerseys will be available for their use – these jerseys must be worn during the race and returned to Jon Miles once the race has finished.  Individual riders competing in the Series who choose not to be in the Impsport Team, will NOT be eligible for any prize money offered for the race. 

The British Cycling Team Entry Form is required to be used and to be accepted by race organisers. The Team Manager or Team Captain shall, when sending in the Team Entry Form to the race organiser, include sufficient stamped addressed envelopes for a race programme to be sent to all riders plus the Team Manager or Team Captain; alternatively the organiser will send a copy of the completed race programme to the nominated team manager/organiser by e-mail for onward distribution by that person to all members of the team.

All teams are requested to register on the Team Series website  www.teamseries.co.uk before 1 April each year.  All teams shall pay a registration fee of £30, the cheque (made payable to Women’s Team Race Series), shall be sent to Jon Miles, 73 Bunyans Mead. Elstow, Bedford MK42 9XZ

At the end of each race, the first 6 riders shall be presented with prize money, the team prize money for the first 3 teams will be sent by the organiser to Jon Miles.  The accrued prize money shall be paid out after the final race of the Team Series.  There shall be no overall ‘Individual Classification’ as this is a Team Series.

Riders may change teams at any time during the year, but any points they have gained will stay with the team they have won them for. A newly named team can enter the Team Series at any time, subject to paying their registration fee to Jon Miles.

Calculation of the team award shall be based upon the finishing position of the riders in each race with the first 4 riders in a team being awarded points as follows.

1st placed rider shall receive 150 points    2nd placed rider shall receive 130 points
3rd placed rider shall receive 115 points          4th placed rider shall receive 100 points
5th placed rider shall receive  90 points           6th placed rider shall receive 80 points
7th placed rider shall receive 70 points            8th placed rider shall receive 65 points
9th placed rider shall receive 60 points          10th placed rider shall receive 55 points
11th placed rider shall receive 52 points        12th placed rider shall receive 49 points
13th placed rider shall receive 47 points        14th placed rider shall receive  45 points
15th placed rider shall receive 43 points        16th placed rider shall receive 41 points
17th placed rider shall receive 39 points        18th placed rider shall receive 37 points
19th placed rider shall receive 35 points         20th placed rider shall receive 33 points   

From 21st onwards in one point gaps up to 49th place (who gets 4 points) - then from 50th onwards each rider to finish gets one point.


Foreign teams will not gain Team Series points; however for the purpose of stage races it will be agreed that for final General Classification placings normal Team Series points system will be used but when calculating the overall Team Series position at the end of the season, these points will be discounted.

Jon Miles   Coordinator

Note 1: Individual riders who are not riding for large Clubs or Teams are encouraged to approach their British Cycling Regional Board to discuss the opportunity to establish a Regional Women’s Team.

Note 2: Team Entry forms should clearly indicate the details of riders nominated for that event.  The form can also include details of riders who may be used as a substitute in the event of illness or injury prior to the event.  The race organiser should be informed of any substitutions by the Team Manager or Captain at signing on.


When the Team Series first started in the year 2000 women’s racing was at an all time low hence the invention of the Series however those conditions no longer exist so it is right that the Team Series updates itself to encompass modern racing.

From 2015 4th category riders will no longer be accepted into any Team Series race.